Topics allow you to describe subsets of your model, to make it easier for people to learn about your model.

The Sphinx documentation generator creates a section of documentation for each topic. This section includes links to each item type contained in the topic, as well as a diagram showing the relationships among the item types.

Topic Index

To include topics, create a topic index file named baseDirectory/Topics/index.txt. This file should contain the name of one topic per line. Each topic gets its own folder as described below.

Individual Topics Definitions

A topic is defined in a folder named baseDirectory/Topics/TopicName. Be sure to replace TopicName with the name of your topic, which should also be included in the topic index file.

Each topic folder contains two files.


baseDirectory/Topics/TopicName/items.txt is a plain text file with the name of one item type per line.


The baseDirectory/Topics/TopicName/readme.markdown file contains text to describe your topic.

See also

See for a primer on using markdown to format text.