Generate a schema in owl/rdf format where all Item types and Composite types are defined as classes and their properties as object properties or datatype properties.

Requires that dotnet is installed.

Command Line Arguments

Required inputs for the publish-owl command (must be specified in order).

  • [CogsLocation]

    The location of the folder containing the model.

  • [TargetLocation]

    The location of the folder where the output will be created.

Command Line Flags

Optional inputs for the publish-owl command.

  • -?|-h|--help

    Displays all possible command arguments and flags for the publish-owl command.

  • -o|--overwrite

    If the [TargetLocation] is not empty, erase all files in the folder before generation.

  • -p|--namespacePrefix

    Specifies a namespace prefix to use for the target Owl namespace.

  • -v|--version

    Specifies version number for the target Owl namespace

Command Line Usage


$ publish-owl (-h) (-o) (-p [namespacePrefix]) [CogsLocation] [TargetLocation]


A few examples of how the command line arguments and flags can be used together.

$ publish-owl -h
$ publish-owl MyCogsModelDirectory MyOutputDirectory
$ publish-owl -o MyCogsModelDirectory MyOutputDirectory
$ publish-owl -p cogs -o MyCogsModelDirectory MyOutputDirectory